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High Power Low Inductance TO220, TO263 and TO247 Resistors

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-08-13
The NLR Series of ultra-precision resistors is manufactured with either thin or thick film technology based on resistance value. Encased in traditional transistor packaging to maximize heat transfer, our ultra-high precision resistors have been optimized in the widely used standard transistor packages TO-220, TO-247 and TO263.

Resistances are available from 0.01 Ohm up to 51k Ohm. This series features high power ratings of 30, 35, 50,100 and 140 Watts. These power ratings combined with the small, thin profile design makes these pulse withstanding resistors an excellent choice for your high density, compact applications. Circuit designs with high stability requirements will benefit from the low resistance drift (Low TCR) of these ultra-high precision resistors.

•       Resistances from 0.01to 51K Ohms
•       High Stability Film Resistance Elements
•       Rated Power of of 30, 35, 50,100 and 140 Watts
•       TO-220, TO-247 and TO263 Housing
•       Resistance tolerance of ± 0.5%,  ± 1% or ± 5%
•       Low Inductance or non-inductive
•       UPS
•       Power unit of machines
•       Motor control
•       Drive circuits
•       Automotive
•       Measurement
•       Industrial computers
•       High frequency electronics


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