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New lunch: High Power Precision Shunt Resistor, up to 500W-N

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2017-12-28
NSR Series products are our new launched ones. Below detailed introduction of them are for your kind attention.

High Power Precision Shunt Resistor

Features and Benefits
l  Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR)
l  +25℃ to +60℃, 25℃ ref.: 0±1 ppm/℃
l  -25℃ to +125℃,25℃ ref.: 0±5 ppm/℃
l  Utilizing Ni-Cr Bulk MetalR Foil Technology for realizing low TCR
l  Low thermal resistance with copper plate
l  Improved to 0.1 ℃/W from 0.3 ℃/W (conventional model)
1.      Maximum rated power up to 500W on heat sink
2.      Extended max. ambient temperature to 125℃ ( 85℃ with conventional model )
l  Built-in Pt100 sensor monitor temperature of resistive element
l  Easily define size of suitable heat sink
l  As safety function for continuous operation.
l  Output reference of precision power supply
l  Reference of charge-discharge test for high capacity batteries
Construction of materials
l  Base plate: Nickel-plated copper
l  Current terminal: Nickel-plated copper ( T=1.0mm )
l  Voltage and Pt terminals: Nickel-plated copper ( T=0.5 mm )
l  Package: PPS injection-molded case


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