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Innovative Technology, Future Electric: Electric Car and Tec

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2017-12-28

On December 21-23, 2017 Shenzhen International Electric Cars and Technology Exhibition was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition. Various electric cars were exhibited there, which attracted many customers in new energy automotive industry at home and abroad to watch the exhibition. Here are some impressive electric cars.

Powerscience: Bidirectional power technology

Shenzhen PowerScience Technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier of bidirectional power, bidirectional inverter, electric car vehicle power supply, which was built in 2012, which is a high-tech company specializing in power electronics solutions and products. The latest bidirectional power products and technology are showed in the exhibition. The main features for the products are charging and inverter combined, digital control, support parallel, bidirectional high efficiency, two directions to high power factors, low harmonic current, meet the standard of QC/T 895-2011, perfect fault protection.

INVT: CDU 3 in 1

INVT is key high-tech company, and it developed 5 series over 20 electric control products, with features of high precision, protection, reliability and safety. INVT's products meet the requirements of new energy electric cars, cooperating with many branded enterprises. Their products and technology are applied in new energy buses, logistics cars, sanitation cars, etc.

INVT products are comprehensive products containing high-pressure tank, DC converter, car charger. They use different components such as quick charge fuse, shunts, DCDC fuse, etc.

Zheng Yu: Focus on new energy electric technology

Shenzhen Zhengyu Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. is a commitment to promote the development of new energy vehicles, technology, focusing on automotive drive motors, motor controllers, vehicle controllers and other products and technology development, for pure electric and hybrid models to provide the drive system hardware and software products and solutions and services as a whole high-tech enterprises. In this exhibition, they brought their own drive motors, drive controller and vehicle controller of different specifications.

New energy cars are emerging strategic industries, supported by national policy and welcome by the market. This trend make related industries research and develop related products, motors, resistors, capacitors, shunts, drive, even software industry also join this party and push the whole industry in development. 



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