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The Main Application for High Precision and Low TCR Chip Resistor

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-03-11
In daily production, linear resistors can be used to simulate the high precision and low temperature drift characteristics of chip resistors, and the operating conditions of chip resistors are analyzed when voltage and current values are limited to rated conditions. This technique can also be applied to plug-in resistors. If the voltage or current value exceeds the specified value, the resistor will be overheated and will not comply with Ohm's law, and will even be burned down. High precision low TCR chip resistor are designed in many cases for a specific industry. Meanwhile tolerance and TCR are also customized.

In many cases, the chip resistor is generally produced on a high-density ceramic substrate using a vacuum sputtering technique, having a wider resistance range and a higher accuracy of 0.01% and a low TCR of 5 ppm/ ℃. The sizes cover 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 2010 and 2512. Resistance range from 1ohm to 3Mohm. Tolerance main include ±0.01%,0.05%,0.1%,0.25%,0.5%,1%. TCR usually has 5,10,15,25 and 50 ppm /℃.

At present, although there are many kinds of chip resistors, high-precision and low TCR are regular requirements. While common chip resistor can be used as long as they meet certain technical standards. In that face of many of the current electronic industry work environment, many specific electronic devices choose to customize high precision chip resistor.
Data display chip resistor is mainly used in medical equipment, measuring equipment, auto-related control board, computer peripheral control board, power converter, LCD control board, mobile phone, laptop computer, mainframe board, screen, toy charging control board, etc. All kinds of charger control boards, power supplies, various control boards, all kinds of electronic products, miniaturization and network resistance can greatly reduce circuit board area, electronic power equipment, UPS, electronic load, high frequency amplifier, medical power supply, electronic deceleration system, electric vehicle fuel cell, precision instruments, wired and wireless communication network equipment, and so on.

In addition, the main application for high-end precision chip resistor include medical instruments, measuring equipment, auto-related control boards, computer peripheral control boards, power converters, LCD control boards, mobile phones, laptops and other industries, these industries require chip resistors with high precision, small temperature drift, and miniaturization.


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