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Metal Strip Resistor Technology Strength

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-08-15
Metal Strip technology is very different from thick film or thin film technologies because it is an all-metal welded construction that is thick enough to be self-supporting - there is no substrate. Both thin film and thick film resistor technologies require a ceramic substrate for support. There is construction differences in the NFC series and thick film resistors.

 In fast electrical transients such as battery plug-in or mechanical switch closures, the pulse capability of the resistor is limited
to the amount of heat energy that causes a temperature rise in the resistor element. The more massive resistor element of the Metal Strip device will have less temperature rise for the same pulse energy, which translates to superior pulse withstanding capability.
Unlike other manufacturers of metal element current sense resistors, laser trims the NFC series  to resistance value and tolerance, which enables a wide range of design options. This flexibility allows designers to specify the resistance value and tolerance that their circuits require, instead of designing their circuits to the resistance values available.

Microhm Electronics metal strip resistor NFC series has the characteristics of withstanding high power, ultra low sensing resistance, excellent frequency response, low TCR. It is also AEC-200 qualified. NFC series is fit for electronic equipments, DC-DC converter, adapter, battery pack and charger, switching power supply, voltage regulation module and more.

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