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Metal-film resistors with small size, high resistance and high voltage

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2020-01-22
HPMRY series metal-film melf resistors are available in a 0.25-W-rated   / 0.4-W-rated 0204 size and a 0.6-W-rated / 1-W-rated 0207 size. The metal film resistor HPMRY series  has exceptional stability demonstrated over life, biased humidity, and short time overload testing.

In addition, the HPMRY series offers pulse power handling up to 3500 watts for single short duration pulses, and lightning surge withstanding up to 6 kV for resistance values above 100KΩ.

This outstanding performance is ideal for applications including telecom infrastructure, industrial / outdoor controls, power control and monitoring, fuel powered engine controls, and automotive applications.

The MELF HPMRY series offers tolerances from 0.05% to 5% and TCRs from 5 ppm to 50 ppm. Pricing for the MELF resistor varies with size, resistance value, tolerance, and TCR. Contact any office of  Microhm Electronics for samples or volume pricing. Many popular resistance values are currently in stock.

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