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TO Package Resistor's Feature and Application
2019-04-26 TO Package Resistor's Feature and Application

As the power capabilities of transistor technology is increasing, the ability of device packages to dissipate heat is greatly enhanced. These specialized packages are regarded as TO package or transistor outline. These high-power version package are adopted by electronic elements so as to improve the heat radiation ability conveniently. To get different power capabilities, resistor manufactures utilize package TO-126, TO-220, TO-227, TO-247, and and TO-263 (D2PAK). The TO packaged resistors are the fastest growing product lines in Microhm, especially TO220 and TO247 cover power ratings from 1 to 140 watts, model range from ...


Current Sense Resistor in Industry Application
2019-04-25 Current Sense Resistor in Industry Application

Shunt, power resistor and precision resistors are playing an important role in the current sensing for Industry. So they are regarded as current sense resistor. Shunts are used in the PWM inverter of air conditioner. As inverter air conditioner compressor operating frequency can vary from -25Hz to 120Hz, according to the frequency conversion principle, AC-DC- AC frequency conversion is performed, 220V AC electric supply is rectified to DC and then transformed to frequency conversion. In this process, shunt is an indispensible part. Microhms NMS2818 and MPR series 2512 are quite suitable air-condition usage. Resistors can go...


Shunt Resistors' Features and Applications in Automotive Electronics
2019-04-24 Shunt Resistors' Features and Applications in Automotive Electronics

Shunt resistors are manufactured by using the technique of high-energy electron beam welding. With the large-area Cu terminal and high density CuMnNi, CuMnSn, NiCrAlSi or FeCrAl, the resistance value of less than 100,high current density and high pulse power are realized by using metal strips. The CuMnNi, CuMnSn, NiCrAlSi and FeCrAl materials can be punched into various shapes, offering the flexibility in design of resistors with the desired structure. Microhms high-energy electron beam welding technology is mature and verified by years of shunt resistor mass production. The weld seam is compact and flat, with strong mechan...


Characteristics and Application Prospect of High Voltage and High Resistance
2019-04-08 Characteristics and Application Prospect of High Voltage and High Resistance

High voltage and high resistance resistor has good high temperature characteristic and moisture resistance, no inductance design, low voltage coefficient, low temperature drift and so on. High voltage and high resistance resistor is also a kind of non inductive resistance. In the 21 century resistance era, high voltage and high resistance resistor is widely used in many products. In order to prevent electric breakdown, the high-voltage high-resistance resistor with high withstand voltage and high operating voltage is used. The voltage value here is distinguished from the working voltage, not calculated by Ohms law, but calc...


Application of  Resistors
2018-08-31 Application of Resistors

Resistors are passive electrical components helping control the flow of current in a circuit. A high resistance means less current is available for a given voltage. Inside a resistor, electrons collide with ions, slowing the flow of electricity and lowering the current while producing heat. Timing and Frequency A resistor connected to a capacitor provides a timing source in many circuit designs, electronic sirens light flashers and many other circuits depend on this feature. The capacitor, holding electric charge like a cup holds water, takes a certain amount of time to fill with current, and the resistor determines how fa...


Shunt Resistor MMS8420 for Battery Management System
2018-08-31 Shunt Resistor MMS8420 for Battery Management System

MICROHM develops a series of high power current sense resistors for designers to measure preciselyin high power application. Schematic Diagram MICROHM Shunt Resistor MMS8420 Features: 15W up to 36W Lead free, RoHs compliant for global applications and halogen free Excellent long term stability Load Stability to 0.1% The small size and high power SMD resistor bring the reductionof the board space in current sense. Low resistance value, low TCR, high power and excellent long-term stability enable precisely measurement of the current flowing in BMS, even in the current rise condition.. MICROHM Shunt Resistor MMS8420 is an ide...


What Is Resistor Noise?
2018-08-22 What Is Resistor Noise?

Noise is an unwanted phenomenon for resistors. For some applications the noise properties are important. Examples are high gain amplifiers, charge amplifiers and low-level signals. Resistor noise is often specified as microvolt noise per volt of applied voltage, for a 1 MHz bandwidth. Thermal noise is the predominant source of noise for resistors. It is dependent on three variables: resistance, temperature and bandwidth. The relation between these three parameters is describes by the formula: Where E is the RMS noise signal in volts, R is the resistance in ohms, k is Boltzmanns constant, T is the temperature in Kelvin and ...


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