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  • TO220 High Power Thick Film Res

    NLR-35 Consult
  • TO220 20W High Power Resistors

    NLR30 Consult
  • TO-220 Precision Shunt Resistor

    MVRT221-2 Consult
  • TO-218 Precision Shunt Resistor

    MVRT218-2 Consult
  • LMS MnCu High Precision Shunt R

    LMS Consult
  • LFSS1206 High Power Thin Film C

    LFSS1206 Consult
  • WWM Series Wire Wound Melf Resi

    WWM Series Consult
  • Melf Resistors MNSR 0411_0416

    MNSR 0411_0416 Consult
  • MLRP Series Metal Strip Chip Re

    MLRP Series Consult
  • Metal Clad Wire Wound Resistors

    LHR Consult
  • MART227-4 / MCRT227-4 Precision

    MART227-4 / MCRT227-4 Consult
  • MDRT227-4 / MFRT227-4 Power Res

    MDRT227-4/MFRT227-4 Consult
  • Tiny Size Shunt Resistor MMS030

    MMS0306 Consult
  • MnCu Tight Size Shunt MMS0508

    MMS0508 Consult
  • Metal Type / Current Shunt Resi

    MMS8420 Consult
  • Metal Strip Shunt Resistor MMS5

    MMS5517 Consult
  • PWP / PWS Precision Shunt Resis

    PWP / PWS Consult
  • AHW Precision Shunt Resistors

    AHW Consult
  • NSW / NSS Precision Shunt Resis

    NSW / NSS Consult
  • Precision Shunt Resistors MVR23

    MVR2321-4 Consult

MICROHM High Precision Resistors

International supplier of high quality precision resistors and other resistance components

Globally, Microhm takes the leading role as a supplier for the low-impedance and high-precision resistors of either simple design or heavily-loadable power to satisfy the highest demands.With the capability of cutting-edge designs and the use of high-grade materials, we have successfully developed the components with the small temperature coefficients, low thermoelectric voltage, long-term stability, low inductance, and high (pulse-) loadability to fulfill the essential requirements of the precision resistors.Under our efforts in this industry, Microhm is a resistor manufacturing company, specializing in Power Resistors, High Precision Resistors, Current Sense Resistors, Shunts, Busbar with Shunt Resistors and Special Resistors. We aim at providing our clients the highest quality components for their design and system requirements........