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Microhm Launchs a new Shunt Resistor with size 1216

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-08-07
In the past, a resistor connected in parallel to an ammeter as a shunt to expand the current measurement range is called a shunt resistors, but in recent years resistors used to detect circuit current are collectively referred to as shunt resistors. Shunt resistors are the most welcomed product of Microhm, these days Microhm lauchs a tight size shunt resistor MMS1216.

MMS1216 is developed using  electron-beam welding technology sandwiching MnCu or MuCuSi strips bettwen large terminal coppers. The power reaches 3W to 5W, resistance can be 0.5mOhm and 1.0mOhm at present, 50ppm TCR and 1%, 5% tolerance are available.
Shunt resistors are widely used from portable devices such as smartphones to automotive and industrial systems requiring a greater degree of reliability  to detect current in high power sets.

In the automotive field, the shift towards computerization and electro-mechanical systems resulting from the need to provide greater safety and efficiency along with the emergence of electric vehicles has increased number of small motors and ECUs required, driving the demand for compact shunt resistors. Microhm MMS1216 came into being in this case.

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