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The Resistor Escorts the Phone in the Mobile Phone Charger

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2018-12-05
The development of smart phones is getting faster and faster, from ordinary charging to fast charging and wireless charging. The development and application of these technologies bring more safety and fun to our lives. Mobile phone charging technology seems to be simple. It is actually a very complicated process. It is necessary to ensure the charging speed of the mobile phone and ensure the security of the mobile phone. In fact, the resistor has been escorting our mobile phone charging in the process.

Resistors have been in use since the invention of the charger. At the time of charging, the charging time will be controlled within a certain range. Today's smartphones automatically power down after they are fully charged, thus protecting the security of the phone. The function of this is to optimize the circuit between the circuit IC and the resistor. After the power of our mobile phone is generally charged to 80%, the charging speed will gradually drop. This is a kind of self-protection of the battery, and it also plays an important role in the charger and circuit IC.

Although there are many types of mobile phone chargers, resistors are important electronic components in the circuit design. In the increasingly intelligent development trend, the demand for resistors for mobile phone charging is becoming more and more refined and the size is miniaturized, which is also the trend of development in the future.


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