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Resistors Require More Precision and Stability in the Field of Automotive Electronics

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2018-12-03
Automotive grade resistors are often referred to as gauge resistors. Resistors work well in traditional automotive environments. However, with the development and performance of electric vehicles, the working environment of the resistors has also undergone tremendous changes, and the working environment of the resistors has become increasingly harsh. Resistors are required to be overloaded and environmentally resistant in automotive electronics, and to cope with transient voltages up to several times before.
Conventional resistors and the inability to meet the requirements of electric vehicles, the development and production of new resistors have been mass-produced. The new resistors are required to operate from -40°C to +125°C in the AEC-Q200 test specification. In the past, the power-reduction turning point of thick film resistors and film chip resistors occurred at 70 ° C. Above this temperature, the working efficiency of thick film resistors and film chip resistors decreased. New precision resistors and shunts have been well-suited for use in new energy vehicles, ensuring normal operation in these harsh environments.
On the other hand, the heat dissipation performance of the new resistor is improved. Taking the current sense chip resistor as an example, the current sense chip resistor has a low resistance value flowing through a higher current, requiring higher power and a larger size specification. In order to meet the current flowing through the current sense chip resistor, electronic circuit designers generally consider the use of larger size and high power current sense chip resistors or parallel multiple current sense chip resistors. The board space.
The change in demand has forced resistors to make adjustments and technical improvements, and resistor developers have also improved their choice of resistor materials. At present, copper-manganese alloy resistors, precision shunts, and chip resistors are all developed in order to improve the market demand for resistors.


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