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Shunt Resistor MMS8420 for Battery Management System

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2018-08-31
MICROHM develops a series of high power current sense resistors for designers to measure precisely in high power application.
Schematic Diagram
MICROHM Shunt Resistor MMS8420 Features:
• 15W up to 36W
• Lead free, RoHs compliant for global
applications and halogen free
• Excellent long term stability
• Load Stability to 0.1%
The small size and high power SMD resistor bring the reduction of the board space in current sense.
Low resistance value, low TCR, high power and excellent long-term stability enable precisely measurement of the current flowing in BMS, even in the current rise condition..
MICROHM Shunt Resistor MMS8420 is an ideal solution for high precision current measurement used from power supply to DC/DC field.


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