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Current Sense Resistor in Industry Application

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-04-25
Shunt, power resistor and precision resistors are playing an important role in the current sensing for Industry. So they are regarded as current sense resistor.
Shunts are used in the PWM inverter of air conditioner. As inverter air conditioner compressor operating frequency can vary from -25Hz to 120Hz, according to the frequency conversion principle, AC-DC- AC frequency conversion is performed, 220V AC electric supply is rectified to DC and then transformed to frequency conversion. In this process, shunt is an indispensible part. Microhm's NMS2818 and MPR series 2512 are quite suitable air-condition usage. Resistors can going through large current also be used in photovoltaic inverter.

For switching mode power supply, to achieve highly accurate FB to control large scale integration, shunt resistor is used . If large current is necessary, low ohmic range is favorable. Metal strip shunts are also utilized in electric tools, such as charging type bolt driver and power management.
We can also find ultra-low ohmic, high power resistor for current detection in DC motor and three-phase motor for inverter circuit for motor driving. In instruments and meters field, high precision resistors, MVR2321-4, MVR3825-4 and MVR4618-4 are important for measuring system.

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