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Resistors Ensure the Accurate of Medical Apparatuses

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2020-01-13
Microhm Electronics' thick film technology provides a high level of performance and stability in custom resistor networks. The usual hybrid technologies for manufacturing resistors depend upon composite materials that have limitations. Traditional thick-film methods severely limit performance characteristics and thin-film methods are limited in attainable ohmic values. Microhm Electroncis'  resistors offer the best characteristics of both methods. These resistors bear unprecedented design efficiency, versatility, linearity, stability and low noise.

The development of  the technology has led to rapid advancements in DNA testing and analysis. From paternity tests to forensic science applications, microfluidic capillary electrophoresis (micro-CE) equipment is most commonly used to analyze DNA in medical applications. The technology separates molecules based on size, and resulting data is organized depending on the purpose of the test. To support this application, Microhm Electronics worked closely with customers to develop completely customized resistor networks to meet their design specifications, which required a distinct form factor.


 Because these test results are often used to make medical decisions, it is crucial that they are accurate. Reliability of the equipment is equally critical, as malfunctions can result in the loss or damage of a sample, which is particularly problematic if only a limited number of samples exist. Microhm Electronics' technology guarantee the high precision and accuracy.

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