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How to Choose the Resistor on the Audio Amplifier

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2018-12-18
The use of resistors in audio has been around for a long time, and high-quality sound is often determined by the resistors inside it. A high-quality resistor allows the sound to play the most beautiful sound, and on the contrary it can give off annoying noise. First-class audio brands are generally produced with high-end precision resistors, ensuring that the sound effects are not affected by the resistance noise. Among these resistors, Microhm resistors can achieve this effect.

We all know that resistors generate noise in the circuit, and other electronic components also make noise. As a sound broadcaster, if there is noise, the sound equipment will be unstable, and it will not be able to broadcast beautiful sounds, and it will not be recognized by the market. All audio manufacturers attach great importance to the choice of audio equipment resistance, then the choice of resistors on the audio amplifier need to pay attention to, we list the following two points: 
1. In low-noise and high-frequency circuits, metal film resistors or oxide film resistors should be preferred. Accurately, the accuracy of the resistors is also expensive. Therefore, first determine the audio use that you produce.
If it is not a high-end audio equipment, you can choose a resistor with a slightly lower precision.
Second, in the high-gain multi-stage amplifier load circuit, the weak thermal noise caused by the small temperature rise of the resistor is greatly affected after the step-by-step amplification. To solve this kind of noise, low-noise metal can be used. Membrane resistors can also be used with high-power resistors. The rated power of the selected resistors is 1.15-2 times larger than the actual withstand power to reduce noise and ensure reliable and reliable resistors.

In short, for audio equipment, the choice of resistors should be reasonably selected from the series according to the actual needs of the circuit. Select the type and error rate of the resistor, do not unilaterally pursue the price of the resistor, it should be decided according to the circuit requirements. In high-end audio equipment, high-precision resistors must be used to achieve the best sound quality.

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