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Chip Resistors' Construction and Usage

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-05-31
Chip resistors, small and ultrasmall in size, thin in terms of thickness, and lightweight, low inductance, have the characteristics of limiting DC or AC. Such characteristics are used to drop the voltage or maintain the current at a certain level inside an electronic circuit. Resistance basically follows the Ohm’s law. Materials of high and low electrical conductivities are used together to realize the required resistance value.
Most widely used general chip resistors, they are made in various sizes ranging from 01005 to 4527 which are utilize in general home appliance with an all-around purpose and computers and communication equipment. The ultramini chip resistor 0402 (01005), which can reduce the mounting area, is mainly used for mobile devices, wearable devices , FEM, WiFi module, hearing-aid


The main resistance element materials of chip-type resistors are SiO2, RuO2, and CuNi, making it possible to make products that have high resistance, low resistance, ultralow resistance, antisulfur, and array resistance properties.
The resistors are manufactured in a rectangular parallelepiped shape to ensure that they can be surface-mounted. The resistors are universal passive components that are most widely used in electronic circuits together with capacitors. They regulate current and drop voltage in circuits.Resistors of various types are manufactured to fit each usage.

New products are being continuously developed as set products are becoming smaller with improved functionality. Certificates for  ISO 14001,ISO9001, OHSAS 18001, and QC08000 have been acquired, helping to produce highly reliable and highly stable products.

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