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Application of Intelligent Robot in the Field of Intelligent Parking Plant Equipment

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2018-11-26
Robots have entered our lives, and with the rise of AI artificial intelligence, more and more robots have entered our lives. There is now such an intelligent robot entering the parking lot of our daily production. This robot does not need to be in the car plate or the parking frame, it can be rotated, transferred and transported at the bottom of the vehicle to achieve the advantage of minimum area crossing.

With the development of AI technology and intelligent hardware, namely precision shunt and resistor technology, the flexibility of parking lot robots and the flexibility of robots in parking lots are greatly improved. The robot will responsible for parking as long as the driver drives the car onto the moving platform. The use of parking robots can increase the parking space by more than 40% compared with the traditional parking lot, which not only facilitates the old driver, but also helps the novice to solve the problem of parking difficulty.

Compared with some of the more traditional parking mobile technologies, the robot overcomes the weaknesses of the prior art. With the newly developed precision resistors, shunts and capacitors, the robot operation accuracy and sensitivity can be greatly improved. The clamping type was applied in Europe in the 1950s, but due to the certain destructive power to the tires of the car, coupled with poor reliability, the ground requirements are too high, and currently not used abroad.

In contrast, the use of new resistor robots as the latest generation of carriers is the most efficient. This kind of robot will be promoted and applied to more parking systems, and it can also be applied to more fields in industrial production.


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