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Resistor Development Trend

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2018-11-23
With the upgrading of electronic products, the application of resistors in the electronics industry is becoming more and more extensive, and the requirements are becoming more and more strict.The development of resistance has the following trends.
Resistance is increasingly used in automotive applications these years. Car electronics devices require high reliability as they are under severe environment. Especially for engine peripherals, such devices have to work for long time under high temperature, humidity, tough vibration, dust and other chemical substances. Resistors applied for those applications should have excellent heat resistance, moisture resistance and sulfuration resistance, as well as the high reliability of junction to the PWB to tolerate continuous thermal stress and strong vibration.
High voltage type

A replicator or LCD projector that uses a high voltage for its power supply, which requires electronic components in the driver circuit to have a high maximum operating voltage. The power circuits of EVs and HEVs use high voltages, which also requires resistors with high maximum operating Voltage.
The power of Microhm's NUAL series can reach 500W. The ones of NLR series is up to 100W.

Mounting reliability

Accurate installation of extremely small components requires accurate and stable product shape, design substrate, high-precision cream solder printing technology and mounting technology. Carrier accuracy is also required.
100% Pb-free
Because of environmental requirements, lead-free solder is now used for electrode plating. In the future, each material such as a resistive film, a protective film, and an internal solder must be lead-free.
The downsizing of resistors
Designers to downsize  chip resistors, current sensing microhm resistors to meet the demand for high-end mobile phones such as 3G and smart phones. Resistors had been used with luxury of derating before while used tight derating recently. We have to improve resistors themselves, study the rated power of resistors, mounting method and recommended pattern layout, etc., to take the necessary measures to deal with these trends

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