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Global Industry Outlook on Thick Film Resistors Market

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-10-09
In order to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. Key players in the thick film resistor market, like Microhm Electronics, are actively involved in organic and inorganic growth strategies like collaborations, partnerships, agreements, and new product launches to get better position into the market.
Resistor is a two-terminal electronic component that is used to resist or reduce the amount of current flowing in an electronic circuit. A resistor is diverse component which comes in variety of resistance values, sizes, shapes and types and these different types of resistors are used in different applications. Resistors can be broadly categorized as fixed resistors and variable resistors. Thick film resistor is one of the fixed resistors, these are characterized by the amount of resistive layer deposited on its ceramic base. The amount of resistive layer deposited on thick film resistor is up to ±100 µm, whereas thin film layer resistor is having film thickness of ±1µm. The amount of resistive layer deposited on thick film resistor is approximately 100 times more than thin film resistor.

Thick film resistors are mostly used resistors in electrical and electronic circuits and have the low cost as compared to other resistor types. Thick film resistor value ranges from 0.01Ω to 50G Ω (Gigaohm). These are widely used resistors almost in every electrical device along with battery or AC connection. LMK series and NLR series from Microhm Electronics are popular thick film resistors, while NAP series and NR series are typical thin film resistors.
There are various factors which are driving the growth of thick film resistor market. An average PC contains over 1000 thick film chip resistors. These resistors are heavily used in computer electronics and peripherals, mobiles & tablets and consumer electronics. One of the key factor which is driving the thick film resistor market is that the manufacturers of resistors are heavily investing in research and development, in order to increase the efficiency of thick film resistors. The other factors that can accelerate the thick film resistor market is the speedy growth in consumer electronics and automotive market These thick film resistor are one of the major primary component used in automotive components and consumer electronics products.

The thick film resistor market can be segmented according to its types, end-use industry and geographic region. By type, thick film resistor market can be further divided as thick film chip resistors, thick film high voltage chip resistors, thick film low resistance chip resistors and Power resistors. On the basis of end use industry, the market is divided into consumer electronics, computer & peripherals, automotive, telecommunications, industrial automation.

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