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High Voltage Resistor and Applications

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-09-12
Microhm Electronics high voltage series can be specified for use in industrial and general purpose high voltage systems, as well as a complete selection of high resistance, Hi-Meg, high-voltage, high frequency, and bulk ceramic resistors for higher average power dissipation. These High Resistance, High Frequency, High Resistance resistors combine the proven performance of  Microhm Electronics resistance system with new cost efficient design elements and high voltage applications.
Resistors produced from Serpentine Pattern Screen Printing Design or bulk ceramic materials have displayed several key advantages in demanding high-voltage situations, including both continuous-wave and pulse applications. These include radar and broadcast transmitters, x-ray systems, defibrillators, lasers, and high-voltage semiconductor process equipment applications, where resistors must handle peak voltage anywhere from 8KV to 75KV.
Typical applications include current limit in capacitor charge/discharge, crowbar, and tube-arc circuits. In these uses, bulk ceramic resistors provide low inductance, high average power per unit size, stability at high voltage, and durability at extreme peak-power levels. Film resistors typically cannot withstand high-voltage pulse applications.
Microhm Electronics high voltage resistors mainly comprise metal film resistors EE series, MPF series, HPMRY series, PMRY series and thin film resistor LSP series.

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