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United States Military Standards for Resistors

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-08-15
In the United States, military contractors, commercial entities, educational institutions, etc., often purchase products to the requirements set forth by the United State's Military Test Specifications.  These standards are often referred to using acronyms such as, "MIL-STD" Military Standard, "MIL-SPEC" Military Specifications, or (informally) "MilSpecs" Military Specifications as well as MIL-R, Microhm Electronics EE series is US MLR-R-10509 qualified. They represent set of very well thought out test specifications and procedures that are designed to achieve the high-quality and high-reliability objectives. Recently users pay much more attention to  military standard products , like resistors, during the model selection so as to find the highest quality. Here let's browse two US military standards for resistors:  MIL-R-10509J and MIL-PRF-55342H.

MIL-R-10509J, MILITARY SPECIFICATION: RESISTORS, FIXED, FILM (HIGH STABILITY) GENERAL SPECIFICATION FOR (20 SEP 2007) [S/S BY MIL-PRF-55182]., This specification covers the general requirements for high-stability, film, fixed resistors that are relatively stable with respect to time under environmental condition. Microhm Electronics metal film resistor  EE series meet this standard.
MIL-PRF-55342H (w/ AMENDMENT-1), PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATION: RESISTORS, CHIP, FIXED, FILM, NONESTABLISHED RELIABILITY, ESTABLISHED RELIABILITY, SPACE LEVEL, GENERAL SPECIFICATION FOR (15-OCT-2007)., This specification covers the general requirements for nonestablished reliability (non-ER), established reliability (ER), and space level, fixed, film, chip resistors primarily intended for incorporation into surface mount and hybrid circuit applications. These resistors have a high degree of stability with respect to time under normal conditions. ER resistors covered by this specification have life failure rates (FR) ranging from 1 percent to 0.001 percent per 1,000 hours (see 1.2.7). These FRs are established at 60 percent confidence on the basis of life tests. Table I provides a summary of performance characteristics for these resistors.

Microhm Electronics alway foucses on the advanced technologies and standards to advance the level of product lineup. Besides EE series, we will increasingly manufacture US military standard as well as China military standard qualified resistors for customers' selection and usage.


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