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Resistors in Robots

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-07-11
In order to resolve manpower shortages, the introduction of robots capable of communicating with people and working 24-7 has begun. Robots get popular and begin to use in industry, argriculture, medical and other areas.
Autonomous delivery robots- used in a medical setting offers solutions corresponding to customer needs, including system and motor control units, batteries, and cameras integrated with flash LED utilizing various passive components, including chip varistor and NTC thermistor.

Chip varistors are voltage-dependent resistors based on ceramic multilayer technology. They are widely used to protect electronic circuits in consumer devices and telecom, medical, industrial and automotive applications against transient overvoltages, such as electrostatic discharges (ESD) and surge transients.
NTC thermistors are temperature-sensing elements made of semiconductor material that has been sintered in order to display large changes in resistance in proportion to small changes in temperature with negative temperature coefficient. This resistance can be measured by using a small and measured direct current, or dc, passed through the thermistor in order to measure the voltage drop produced.

All kinds of resistors play a important role from traditional technology to new energy, unmanned aerial vehicle  to robots. Microhm is trying to be an active supplier for these new industries.    

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