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China is the world's largest semiconductor market and the largest importer of resistors

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2018-11-21
China is the world's largest semiconductor market. Every year, China imports a large number of electronic components such as resistors, shunts, capacitors, MOS tubes and so on. According to media reports, accounting for 40% of the world by amount. However, the self-sufficiency rate is considered to account for only about 10%. In 2017, semiconductor imports exceeded oil, reaching $260 billion.
precision resistors
In the field of semiconductors, general-purpose memories are controlled by large companies in developed countries such as South Korea's Samsung Electronics and Micron Technology. In the field of large-scale integrated circuits (LSI), development is also led by companies in developed countries, and Taiwanese companies such as Taiwan Integrated Circuit Manufacturing (TSMC) have advantages. Internet companies and home appliance companies in mainland China will enter only the specific uses for themselves, which is only part of the overall semiconductor industry.

For the low self-sufficiency rate of semiconductors, China is full of crisis and proposes to increase to 40% by 2020 and 70% by 2025. Two initiatives to achieve the goal have been proposed. One is to introduce a system with a maximum income tax reduction of five years for companies that manufacture semiconductors at a certain level or above. The second is the establishment of three policy storage companies. The Yangtze River Storage, which is involved in the most advanced 3D NAND flash memory, Hefei Changxin, which is involved in mobile DRAM, and the Jinhua Integrated Circuit (JHICC), which is involved in the popular DRAM for household appliances, has invested more than 1 trillion yen. If the production is fully launched, it will bring huge downward pressure on the market.
passive component-resistors
However, Chinese companies that supply resistors, shunts, capacitors, and MOS devices to these companies have not grown up, and electronic devices such as high-precision resistors, shunts, and chips have been imported from Europe and the United States. The sense of alertness in the rise of the technology industry is getting stronger and stronger, and companies are uneasy about the procurement of manufacturing equipment in the future. In addition, the shortage of technicians is also very serious. Some analysts believe that Chinese electronic component companies are striving for talents with working experience in large enterprises in Europe and America.


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