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The Power of Current Sampling Resistor is large, why is the resistance value very small?

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-02-28
The current sampling resistor is a kind of very common resistor. The current sampling resistor  is usually in series in the circuit, but the voltage sampling of the current sampling resistance is parallel. Many brand sample resistors have plug-in resistors and chip resistors. Because the sampling resistance can truly reflect the current or voltage fluctuation, it requires high precision and is very susceptible to the influence of temperature. When sampling the current, the resistance value is very large and the partial voltage is also large.
The precision of sampling resistor produced by alloy materials is very high, and it is relatively stable under the influence of temperature. When current sampling is carried out, the current can be fed back more accurately. And the alloy resistor is now widely used and can be seen in many electronic products.
For example, we can often see the current sampling resistance in switching power supply module products. The power supply module is a high-performance fixed-frequency current-mode controller, and the sampling resistance used is generally very small. This type of sampling resistance can be a plug-in resistor or a chip resistor, feedback loop through the current, and prevent the noise produced by the current limiting resistance to a certain extend.
The current sampling resistor belongs to the large and medium power resistor, and the precision is very high and the resistance value is small, the shock resistance is large, the temperature drift is very low, and the influence of temperature is very small. Therefore, it is widely used in all kinds of power products, power equipments, charging piles, feedback circuits, measuring instruments and so on.
As we all know, the current detection is usually measured by resistance, and this resistance value is very small, unlike the voltage detection required larger resistance value. Usually sampling resistance is in series in the circuit to detect the current.

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