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Characteristics and Application Prospect of High Voltage and High Resistance Resistor

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-04-08
High voltage and high resistance resistor has good high temperature characteristic and moisture resistance, no inductance design, low voltage coefficient, low temperature drift and so on. High voltage and high resistance resistor is also a kind of non inductive resistance. In the 21 century resistance era, high voltage and high resistance resistor is widely used in many products.

In order to prevent electric breakdown, the high-voltage high-resistance resistor with high withstand voltage and high operating voltage is used. The voltage value here is distinguished from the working voltage, not calculated by Ohm's law, but calculated according to the surface area of the resistance and the unit power of the resistive material. Due to its unique technology and structural shape, the high voltage and high resistance can withstand a larger working voltage or a larger pulse voltage without the occurrence of resistance failure such as electric breakdown or jump.

In addition, there are conductive particles and non-conductive particles in the high-voltage and high-resistance resistors. In high-voltage environment, non-conductive particles are easily activated to form parallel resistors, resulting in a nonlinear relationship between the voltage and current of the overall resistance. Microhm provides thick film resistance technology and solid ceramic resistance technology, with the characteristics of low voltage coefficient, low inductance, high reliability and so on. This feature makes high-voltage and high-resistance resistors widely used in power, medical, new energy vehicles and railways.
Currently, the main applications of high voltage and high resistance are semiconductor deposition, X-ray / CT scanning, medical equipment, false load, shock defibrillator, radio frequency generator, metallurgy, induction heating, monitor in the back transformer (FBT), color display focus potentiometer, military radar, laser high-energy ray and other industries.

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