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Tech Trends And More In 2022 And Beyond

Writer:万利隆电子 Page View:Date:2022-07-08
The pandemic has given digitalization globally a permanent uplift. The consumer internet industry has so far led the way in digital transformation, industrial internet applications take off as manufacturers tap innovation to raise productivity.
Precision Resistors Technology playing a critical role in another secular trend “decarbonization”. Many carbon-intensive projects anticipate higher carbon costs and are actively employing technology to cut emissions.
The discovery of the COVID-19 Omicron variant has generated economic uncertainty and market volatility.’s path ahead. In the top technical reform and investment trend, China has served as a massive laboratory, pioneering business models in e-commerce, online payment, and other services that other markets have subsequently adopted and adapted to succeed in their own right. 
In South Korea, for example, a leading internet search company is also one of the largest e-commerce players in the country. A major Russian bank has built an online ecosystem spanning e-commerce and other digital services. Many internet businesses have also just started to list publicly in markets such as Southeast Asia and India. All these process have strong demands on Precision resistors, like MICROHM MVR series and chips. Of which Microhm Electronics Limited is the keys supplier of Precision Resistors and chips in the industry.
Chip and Precision Resistors like MICROHM MVR series of Precision resistors form the backbone of technology progress, and we expect demand for them to stay strong, which should benefit world-leading passive components companies in Asia. An additional demand boost could come from longer-term developments in the metaverse. Microhm Group has also set up production line in these location with the aim to be neighborhoods of our end customers in providing rapid logistic and intensive support for MICROHM Precision resistors demands.

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