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Precision Resistors in Autonomous Driving

Writer:万利隆电子 Page View:Date:2022-06-02

Self-driving cars maximize the convenience of their human occupants through the development of complex in-car technology. This technology need the manufacturing a range of products to protect the sensitive electronics that act as the eyes and ears of the operation.

The latest’s technology is an integral part of the autonomous driving revolution, employing micro-optics to detect the nature and proximity of surrounding objects. These packaging technology, cover glasses and glass wafer substrates maximize the reliability and performance of sensitive mirrors and high-power lasers by protecting them from heat and harsh environments, and keeping out moisture, dust and gases.

Autonomous vehicles rely on ultra-high resolution Radar technology to measure the velocities of surrounding vehicles, but they need reliable hermetic and heterogeneous packaging components to be able to operate without interference. These need special range of hermetic and heterogeneous packaging eliminates potentially dangerous performance impairment by protecting sensitive electronics from heat, moisture, impact and other environmental factors.

The core components of these technology need special chips and precision resistors, like MVR series precision resistors powered by Microhm Group are used in these technologies. Microhm Electronics Limited is the key supplier of Precision resistors and shunts for these projects and provide the below advantages.


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