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Arrive in Good Shape, COVID-19 Unlock Logistic Rush

Writer:万利隆电子 Page View:Date:2022-06-29
As China continues to roll back restrictions on most parts of Shanghai, port operations appear to be approaching normal levels. After nearly 2 months lockdown, Export logistic rush seen quickly restored at the world’s biggest container port. 
Starting on June 1 and moving progressively over the past few days, Shanghai has reduced the travel restrictions and moved to get people back to work. 
Congestion at the port is almost back to normal. waiting times for containerships, At the height of reported Omicron cases, average waiting times stretched 100 hours+, Waiting time have now shortened to 60 hours.
The relaxing of restrictions also appears to be having a positive effect on the availability of trucks and the ability to move containers to the port. 
As trucking capacity returns to normal, demanding and congestion to pick up plus rush loading has put great stress to logistic and ports operators in handling cargo (not only in Shanghai) but also in destination ports (like Singapore and Hong Kong). Unfortunately, some of our Microhm Electronics Limited, MVR Series resistors pallets were damage in uploading at Destination ports. Although Nexteck Logistic Team has put utmost effort to ensure all goods are safety packed and upload onboard to container Vessels during this COVID-19 unlock Ocean Rush. 
Cargo arrive in good shape to the hands of end customers is the obligation and important goal for Microhm Electronics Group. No matter under what tough conditions Nexteck Group will ensure all our products will arrive in excellent shape.

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