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How To Prevent Cover Tape Failure

Writer:万利隆电子 Page View:Date:2022-12-02
Some end users of Tiny Precision Resistors feedback to Microhm Electronics Group, R&D team that 0402 or even 01005 chips resistsors supplied in tape and reel format sometimes stick to the cover tape that is peeled off from the carrier tape during the assembly process.
cover tape
As precautionary measure against ESD damage, a certain surface resistivity of the inner cover tape has to be assured. Since Chip Resistors is very tiny and light, it can become more vulnerable to sticking on the cover tape if precautionary actions addressing the triboelectric effect are not well taken tape after taping process. PSA cover tape is widely used by component and resistor makers and it is made to have a consistent peeling force over the whole tape length.
In order to prevent the triboelectric effect it is highly recommended to use an ionizer fan blowing directly to the tiny chips resistors like 0402, 0201 during removal of the cover tape.
Some Preventive Action are recommended
@ Proper machine grounding
@ Use of an ionizer fan, with air flow directed to the LEDs during removal of cover tape
@ Sufficient clearance between machine cover plate and reel cover tape to avoid friction process
@ Use of ESD protective machine parts only
@ Proper storage conditions.
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