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Stationary Type Fixed Resistor LMS Series 1A-125A

  • Part Number:LMS Series 1A-125A
  • Brand:Microhm
  • Size:-
  • Description:-
  • Feature:Class of Accuracy: 2~4000A;grade 0.5:5000~10000A;grade 1, ambient condition: -40~+60℃, relative humidity≤95% ( 35℃...
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Product  Attributes

Resistance Range:


Power Rating:








Mounting Type:

Screw Fixed


Electron-beam Welding

Operating Temperature :


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Ⅰ. Product Image
Ⅱ. Features

1. Class of Accuracy: 2~4000A;grade 0.5:5000~10000A;grade 1
2. Ambient condition: -40~+60℃, relative humidity≤95%(35℃)
3. Overload performance: rated current 120%, 2 hours
4. voltage drop: 50mV, 60mV, 70mV, 100mV
5. Heat load: temperature rise tending to stable, rated current does not exceed 80 ℃ below 50A and does not exceed 120 ℃ above 50A 

Ⅲ. Applications

Fixed value shunt is a kind of external shunt which is suitable for measuring DC current under 10kA and directly acting on analog display instrument and used to expand the range of DC current measurement.
It is also can be regarded as a standard resistor for current sampling in a sequential circuit whose sampling voltage can be regarded as an analog signal of the primary current used for measurement.

Ⅳ. Diagram

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