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Metal Foil Current Sensing Resistor MPR Series

  • Part Number:MPR Series
  • Brand:Microhm
  • Size:1206/ 2010/ 2512/ 2725/ 2728/ 4527
  • Description:0.25mΩ~120mΩ 1W~5W ±0.5% ±50ppm/℃
  • Feature:Excellent frequency response, stable high frequency characteristic with reduced lead inductance and excellent frequency response....
  • Toll Free:400-803-9333

Product  Attributes

Resistance Range:


Power Rating:



± 0.5%




1206/ 2010/ 2512/ 2725/ 2728/ 4527

Mounting Type:

Surface Mount


Metal Foil

Operating Temperature :


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Ⅰ. Product Image

Ⅱ. Features
      Ideal for all types of current sensing, voltage division and pulse applications including switching and linear 
      power supplies, instruments, power amplifiers.
      Excellent frequency response.
      Stable high frequency characteristic with reduced lead inductance and excellent frequency response.
      Pure tin plating provides compatibility with lead (Pb) free and lead containing soldering processes.
      Excellent stability (|ΔR/R| ≤ ± 0.5% for 1000h at 100°C) different environmental conditions.

Ⅲ. Applications

       Power supply
       Battery pack
       DIY tools
       Inverter/Converter (AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC)
       Measurable instrument
       Consumer electronics
       Note book
       PC power pack
       LED driver
       Others (Auto tronics… etc.)

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