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High-Porformance Precision Resistor for Electric Vehicles

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-08-30
Electromobility is steadily gaining ground in the automotive industry, and its relevance is increasing accordingly. With the presentation of new shunt, Microhm Electronics is now taking due account of the requirements that this trend is imposing on components for high-power battery management systems.
In the last year, demand for high-performance shunts for use in electric vehicles has skyrocketed. This is down to the pace of development in the electromobility sector. Currents of up to 600A flow through high-voltage batteries such as those installed in electric vehicles.

Such extremely high power loads require resistors with a larger construction and lower resistance values to keep power losses to an absolute minimum. Which is why the Microhm Electronics has developed a larger current shunt specially for the automotive industry. MMS8420 is a large size low-ohmic shunt in the company’s product portfolio and thus also the most powerful.
In other applications, such as solar inverters with even higher currents, larger components are by no means a rarity, unlike in the auto industry, where components generally need to be particularly small and intricate, and, at the same time, as lightweight as possible.

It is here that the MMS8420 as a battery management shunt is a powerful solution that, with its long-term stability, power output of up to 36 watts, and currents of up to 848A, was specially developed for use in electric vehicles. Customer-specific adaptations of the resistance values of the standard component are possible. The shunt is also available in a nickel-plated version.


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