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Automotive Resistors' Application and Category

Writer:Microhm Page View:Date:2019-04-18
Automotive electronic system is a very large system, which contains a variety of resistors and other components. In these circuits, automotive resistors are very important, and some high-precision automotive resistors have different applications. In the automobile maintenance skill, it is usually found that the engine power is insufficient and the cause of the poor acceleration is generally the automobile resistance fault. At this time, it is necessary to analyze and detect the automobile resistance, and when measuring the resistance value of the general electrical equipment, pointer multimeter can be used, but the measurement of automotive electronic control system requires professional resistance testing equipment.

In automotive electronic system, the role of automotive resistance is very important. Apart from the standard resistance as a component, all other components have a resistance value that can affect the voltage and current of the circuit. Our common automotive resistors are fixed resistors and variable resistors used in motor vehicle electronic systems. Fixed resistors are divided into wire-wound resistors and metal-film resistors. These types of car resistance are also used most, and will be tested in car maintenance.

In most cases, the resistance of the conductor in the automotive electronic system will have a negative effect, so the automotive electronic system usually needs to limit the current of the circuit to a specific limit. In accordance with the specific purpose of the corresponding type and size of resistance as a component use. Because the resistance size is usually very small and does not print or difficult to see the resistance value, it is necessary to detect and analyze the resistance value of the automobile resistance.

At present, the automobile resistance of color ring resistance type is used, each color represents a specific resistance value, so the resistance value can be obtained by calculating the sum of color ring value. Moreover, the resistance value indicated on the automobile resistance is only applicable to the temperature 20 ℃ condition. This temperature limit is because the resistance of all resistance materials will vary with the temperature. In addition, the application of photoresistor in automobile is used in auto-anti-glare interior mirror. Two LDR measure the incident light in driving direction and the incident light in other direction. photoresistor is also an important member of automobile resistance.

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